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Preparatory School Admission

Admission Procedure for Preparatory School


Parents need to fill out an application form for their child. This form may require basic information about the child, such as name, date of birth, parent contact information, etc.
Submission of Documents:
Along with the application form, parents are usually required to submit certain documents. These commonly include:

Teachers interact with the child to get to know the child. This is typically an informal session where the child is observed or assessed by school staff to gauge their readiness for the preparatory school environment. This might include simple activities or games.

Parent Orientation:

Parents are given an orientation session with school administrators. This is an opportunity for the school to provide information about its philosophy, curriculum, facilities, and for parents to ask questions.

Admission Decision:

After completing the necessary steps, the school will make an admission decision based on factors such as availability of seats, the child’s age, assessment results (if any), and other criteria set by the school.

Acceptance of Enrollment:

If the child is accepted, parents will be notified by the school, and they will usually need to complete the enrollment process by paying any required fees and completing any additional paperwork