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Chairman’s Message

Mr. Abubecker Basheer

Chairman’s Message

A warm welcome to the modified website of Love Dale Residential School. Changes are something that are  constant in life, and hence, even our school is adapting and adjusting to various changes brought in by the education system of the country incorporating the New Policies of education for the benefit of our students. When I look back, and compare it with the present scenario, I am overwhelmed to see that we have come a long way. When I was a student, residing in this locality,  there were no English medium schools nearby. All the schools were located(near) in Trivandrum and Kollam. If I wanted to study in an English medium school in TVM, I would have had to travel a long distances and wouldn’t have been able to reach school on time. Thus, it was one of my major visions as a youngster to provide what I did not get in my childhood to the future generation. 

So when I went abroad, and found chances conducive,   I decided to start an English Medium School.  The place where is school is located currently  was a remote place, fully covered with dense trees then. There was no electricity or road. I got a immense support from the local people. Along with the co- operation of my family members especially my wife  I overcame  all difficulties and managed to start Love Dale Residential School which has now come to the juncture of celebrating its Silver Jubilee. Through the various  opportunities and experiences  I got during various phases of my life, my opinion is that “without education nothing is possible. We can attain everything through education, dedication, perseverance, and right intention.”

Gurudas Sir is my teacher who also gave inspiration. He is proud about this child who made an attempt to bring an English Medium School in this remote area and now it is flour shining in colorful manner. He himself selected the name ‘Love dale Residential School.’

The students of our school should score High Rank and the School should reach an international level. I shall do my level best for the progress of our students.

It was not easy to get 4 acre in a town to build a school. This is my brother’s plot, before 10 years it was not fit for the construct a school with strong will power and determination. At last I was able to construct it.

I am happy and satisfied with the functioning of this school and its academic results.

For the welfare of the students and school I shall make necessary arrangements I am very much happy to hear about our school’s image reaching till National level. I also wish our school’s name should reach the highest peak in curricular and co- curricular activities.

The students of our School should work hard to attain High Rank and their names should flourish in everlasting colors, not only in curricular but also in extra curricular activities. I hope for the “best of best”.

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