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  •  Uniform is compulsory for all the students on all working days.
  •  Every pupil shall wear clean clothes.
  •  Uniform clothes should be purchased from the school store.
  •  Uniform and tie should be proper and neatly pressed. (ironed)
  •  Shoes should be polished.
  •  Girls are advised to avoid different color bands and bangles.
  •  Pupil are talk in English in the class room and in the campus. They should use English for ordinary conversations.
  •  No pupil will be considered for term I & term II, unless all dues are paid up to date.
  •  Last date of fee ( Play to Std XII ) without fine will be on 15th of every month.  A fine of Rs. 25/- will be charged every month for belated payments. Non payment of fee for more than 3 months will result in the removal of name from the register.


  • KG-Red check ramber with white shirts, white socks, black shoes.
  •  Black Blue colour Shorts (I to III)
  • Black Blue colour Pants (IV to X) Black Blue lined shirt
  • Black shoes, Black blue colour socks. Black Blue tie (IV to X)
  •  XI-XII Navy Blue Colour Pants, Shirt White colour with Blue stripes (Full sleve)


  • KG-Red Check pinafore with white shirt, white socks, black shoes
  •  Black Blue colour pinafore (I to IV)
  • Black Blue lined shirt (I to IV)
  • Pants, Shirt & Long overcoat (V to XII)
  • For V to XII-Full sleve shirt