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The skill of the studnts begins from the primary level. The facilities and opportunities can enhance the students’ skill as their own level. Here, Love Dale Residential School proudly informs you that we provide such wonderful circumstances to the children. Success is the combined effort of the teachers, we are fortunate with well trained and experienced and dedicated faculties to fulfill the demand of our new generation. We create the opportunity for each child to build and showcase their talents , in arts, sports and other skills through the programmes like speech day, activity day, skill enhancement programmes etc. Extracurricular activities are a major part of our course. We also provide smart classes, well equipped computer labs etc in an echo-friendly and stress free environment.

Our ultimate aim is to improve the education academically and non-academically by identifying and developing their individual talents. We conduct extra classes for slow learners. We observe every student individually and help them to develop good and healthy habits in a pleasant environment. We maintain accurate records of pupil’s progress and development in every stage of education. We also maintain good orders and discipline among students and provide guidance and advice to students on educational and social matters. Our school moulds good personality in every child through highly expected education and skill enhancement programmes.