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Smart Class & E-learning

Today’s is the age of technological advancements. There is no field untouched by the technology. The field of education too has reshaped by the technology. The classrooms that are fore gathers went to are exactly the kind of classrooms our children study in, chalk and blackboard a packed classroom, textbooks, regimented curriculum, a teacher painstakingly explaining abstract concepts with the limited tools are now a distant view. In our school Extra Marks smart class has been transforming the way teachers teach and students learn in school. Smart class with projectors and interactive electronic board using the most modern technologies is in full swing for I to XII. Subjects taught in class rooms are made available at house over internet for access to students for e-learning and to their parents for reference.

Merits of the smart class

  •  It makes learning an enjoyable and memorable experience for students.
  •  It improves and ensure the teacher effectiveness and productivity in class.
  • It brings abstract and complex concepts to life within the class room.
  •  It enables the teachers instant formative assignment of learning outcomes in class.
  •  Improves the academic performance of the students.