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K.G Supervisor Message

Each child is unique and learning programmes should be personalized to meet each child’s need. A child’s curiosity and eagerness to learn must be encouraged.

Love Dale offers a revolutionary concept in early childhood that develops multiple intelligences of a child and promotes all-round development. At Love Dale the children discover the fun of learning environment. It helps them to think, solve problems and maximize their potential. It is important to get a comfortable atmosphere of caring and acceptance.

Every child receives adequate individual attention of teachers for effective learning, which is the key to a successful multiple intelligence curriculum.

The age appropriate, interactive curriculum has been designed scientifically, by the expertise of qualified professionals. It fosters a higher level of thinking through exploration & guided play.



We take great care in selecting teachers, who will facilitate the academic growth of the child. They can motivate the emerging minds to explore and bring out the hidden talents in the child by the way of creating conductive environment

The learning process is incomplete without the involvement of parents. For a successful learning programme for our kids we incorporate inputs from parents as well. Further, we have a number of activities centered round in the family like Colour’s Day, Fruit Salad Day, Vegetable Salad Day, PT, Festivals and so on.

We provide a colourful, attractive warm and caring environment to prompt even the shyest child to get relaxed. We lay great emphasis on a safe environment and maintain the highest standards of hygiene. Every child can explore and find his own space with child friendly, age appropriate toys and equipment, garden and play area. We also provide school bus facilities with special care.

Let us have a chance to serve your child. You will not repent.