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A Good library is an asset for every Educational Instituition.It plays an integral part of the
present day school set up. Love Dale is also very proud of having a fully fledged and well stocked library.
It widens student’s minds, improves Knowledge, clears the doubts & instills the habit of reading.
It consists of a large hall with shelves, bookstands & well furnished furniture. The room is huge,
well fit, airy and spacious. More than 50 students can use it at the same time.
Our library contains more than 5000 books on every subject – literature, history, Science,
Mathematics etc. In addition to that we have encyclopedias, novels, classics etc.
Our library subscribes some news papers, journals & magazines also. It also provides reference sections for teachers.
Every year the school purchases a good number of books for helping the students to make
learning a self discovery & personal venture.