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Instruction To Parents

  • The school expects that parents will supervise the studies of their children and will take keen interest in their day to¬day needs like the uniform, hair cut, notebooks etc.
  • Please check your ward's diary daily and note the home work given and see that it is done.
  •  Parents are requested to note down in the space for communication any special point worthy to be brought to the notice of the Class teacher or Principal.
  • Parents who wish to get any information or who wish to make any complaint should contact the Principal, not the class teacher.
  •  If any parents who wish to discuss with the class teacher or subject teacher should get prior permission from the Principal.
  • It is compulsory to visit the school and meet the Principal and teachers on days set apart for parents - teacher meeting to the discussion of progress of their wards.
  •  Exemption for pupil from attending assembly, Physical training and games will only be granted on medical grounds or by parents request.
  •  Parents must encourage their children to take part in the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the school.
  •  Parents are requested to be familiar with school rules and regulation and guide their wards to follow them.
  •  Electronic devices like Mobile phone, CD, Pendrive, Camera, i-pod, Memory card etc. are strictly prohibited in school and in case if we get it from the pupil, it will not give back at any level.